Monday, 11 July 2011

Things you can do online that you never knew:

The internet is fast evolving and we can’t keep up. There are so many useful and interesting services and sites out there that many of us don’t even know existed. Feast your eyes on these:
§        Want to be famous? There are websites out there that let you create your very own reality television show. You can submit your own five minute video clip. If your clip is chosen then a video of your life will be shown.

§       Have fun and earn money at the same time? Play poker online with PokerStars. When you register and you submit a marketing code, whatever money you deposit will be doubled for you. Double the fun!

§  Do you need to get something of your chest but not sure how to? The internet offers a service where it will send an anonymous email or a SMS to the person in question.

§  See the web of the past? You can see what many popular web sites used to look like back in the day.

§  Share and back up music and videos? You can actually upload music/video files, word documents, presentations and web pages and even share them with others online. Additionally, you can stream or even download files to your computer, giving you the freedom to access all of this anywhere, at any time. Many sites even offer this facility for free.

§  Need some parenting advice? You can have your very own parenting coach for around £ 15 pounds a month. You can contact your coach via email, phone or chat live.

§  Need some business cards for your new business? Online you can choose your own card template and fill in the text. Pick your own colours, graphics, fonts, and paper. Finally preview your work and then place your order. As well as business cards you can also create matching letterheads, labels, envelopes and much more.

§  Want to find out what’s being blogged before everybody else? There are sites online which search the internet for relevant information and then email you the result.

Simply hours of fun.